The first mark of quality for any catered lunch is the food. Our commitment to fresh ingredients and vibrant tastes drives our creative menus. And in Texas, everything is BIGGER AND BETTER.


From our vast selection of gourmet sandwiches and creative hot dishes, Chef Lauren can craft the perfect catered lunch to handle the growling stomachs in your conference room.  While our regular menu provides for a variety options to choose from, she has a collection of other menus and is creating new dishes daily. We are always open to menu suggestions that help satisfy the need you’ve been tasked to fill.

Currently, Chef Lauren is featuring her Texas-Sized Gourmet Ravioli menu. Each ravioli is handmade, hand-shaped and weighs over a quarter pound. Fillings include famous regional items; fried chicken, Cochinita Pibil and brisket. Of course, our great food selections also include the options of locally made soft-savory-cheesy puffs, mandoline shaved salads, and mouthwatering gelato cookie sandwiches.

Treat your group to fresh, wholesome & delicious food from Lady Luck Catering.

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